About us

The name Fritzmeier has stood for progress since 1926. Founded as a saddlery, the company helped farmers to achieve more comfort at work with a full-suspension tractor seat and the first tarpaulin cover. Another revolutionary step was taken in the sixties with the development of the safety bar for tractors. The Fritzmeier Group established itself as the world market leader for cabs in construction machines and industrial trucks.

Where it all began, progress continues. In the building of the old saddlery, the Fritzmeier Environmental Technology Division has been developing innovative solutions for people and the environment since 2012. The company combines the three brands ISARIA, Biotaurus and coalsi under one strong roof. As a manufacturer of intelligent sensor systems, industrial biotechnology and exhaust air systems, the company develops extremely innovative products. Highly qualified employees, strong networking with research and tireless new and further development of our products and services are the secret of our success. Ideal solutions are created for people and the environment, with the ecological and economic benefits always being at the forefront.