New compact sensor system and cooperation

Plant sensors have become more and more established in modern arable farming concepts. They enable the yield potential to be exploited more than by conventional means. However, the technology used in previous models was usually only profitable in areas of 200 hectares or more. With the new ISARIA PRO Compact, Fritzmeier Umwelttechnik now offers a new plant sensor that also enables smart crop management in smaller farms in an economical way. The new sensor was developed for use in daylight.

The system consists of two sensor units that can be attached to the tractor cab, for example to the mirror mounts. A reference sensor on the tractor roof to measure the incidence of light completes the technology. The system is ISOBUS-compatible and solutions are available so that non-ISOBUS-compatible combinations can also be controlled. The Fritzmeier Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG has significantly intensified the sales activities for its plant sensors this year.

Since the beginning of the year, Fritzmeier products based on ISARIA sensors have also been sold in the form of a sales cooperation with CNH Industrial and the brands Steyr, New Holland and Case IH, which belong to the group. Here, the Fritzmeier sensors complement the newly founded brand presence for precision farming solutions "AGXTEND". The sales cooperation applies to all European countries, in addition to Africa and the markets of the Middle East.

More at: www.isaria-digitalfarming.com