New brand and web presence for coalsi

The coalsi brand supplies complete solutions for air and extraneous water problems with hybrid activated carbon filters. As a link between society and the waste management sector, coalsi sees itself as a competent partner for local authorities and industry. The product ranges include solutions for street ducts, high-performance filters for industry and special solutions (e.g. for passive ventilation).

To position the brand even more consistently in the market, a communication strategy has been developed to establish coalsi as a competent partner with individual solutions for exhaust air and extraneous water problems. In keeping with this, the new claim "You can rely on us" is at the heart of the brand architecture. A modern website will round off the new orientation from the beginning of 2020. Thanks to an extremely user-friendly navigation structure, both industry insiders and newcomers to the field can find the solution to their problem with just a few clicks. A clear and appealing line provides structure and focuses on the product advantages.

More soon at: www.coalsi.com